Bihar Board English Objective Question 2024 PDF Class 12th ( India through a traveller’s eye )

Friends, if you are a student of class 12 ( India through a traveller’s eye ) and this time you are going to appear for inter board examination, india through a traveller’s eye question answer 2024 then here in this post the important chapter of ( English 100 Marks ) class 12 English ka 100 marks objective question answer 2024 PDF Class 12th given  friends, all these questions are asked again and again in the exam, so definitely watch from beginning to end. 12th english objective questions and answers pdf 2024,Bihar Board Class 12th English ka objective Question Answer

class 12 English ka 100 marks objective question answer

Q1. Pearl S. Buck had al an ……….. family doctor.

(Choose the correct option)

(A) Chinese
(B) Indian
(C) African
(D) American

(B) Indian

Q2. India through a Traveller’s Eye is an inspiring ……

(A) essay
(B) story
(C) novel
(D) drama

(A) essay

Q3 …… has praised India people and their life.

(A) Shiga Naoya
(B) Pearl S. Buck
(C) Matrin Luther King Jr.
(D) Kamala Das

(B) Pearl S. Buck

Q4. India Through a Traveller’s Eye is written by ..

(A) Pear! S Buck
(B) Anton P Chekhov
(C) HE Bates
(D) Shiga Naoya

(A) Pear! S Buck

class 12th english 100 marks objective questions 2024

Q5. Pearl S. Buck is an …… writer..

(A) British
(B) American
(C) Indian
(D) European

(B) American

Q6. The president of the General Assembly of the UNO is a woman of

(A) China
(B) Canada
(C) Germany
(D) India

(D) India

Q7. The life span in India was only

(A) 25 yrs.
(B) 27 yrs.
(C) 28 yrs.
(D) 29 yrs.

(B) 27 yrs.

Q8. Pearl S. Buck visited India to see the young intellectuals and the

(A) leaders
(B) saints
(C) peasants
(D) students

(C) peasants

Q9. Kashmir was invaded by barbarian invaders.

(A) white
(B) black
(C) blue
(D) green

(A) white

India through a traveller’s eye objective question answer

Q10. According to Pearl S. Buck the main quality of a leader is ….

(A) selflessness
(B) selfishness
(C) communalism
(D) dishonesty

(A) selflessness

Q11. India had to teach the west was ……….

(A) humanity
(B) cruelty
(C) sickness
(D) None of these

(A) humanity

Q12. Who wrote come, My Beloved ?

(A) Pearl S. Buck
(B) H.E. Bates
(C) Dr. Zakir Hussain
(D) M. Gandhi

(A) Pearl S. Buck

Q13. Who was the real master of the house which Buck visited ?

(A) The elder brother
(B) The younger brother
(C) Father
(D) Mother

(B) The younger brother

Q14. Pearl S. Buck came to know about India through

(A) Buddhism
(B) Hinduism
(C) Islam
(D) Christianity

(A) Buddhism

india through a traveller’s eye pdf download 2024

Q15. Who played a vital role in exchange of Korean prisoners ?

(A) American General
(B) Indian General
(C) British General
(D) Korean General

(B) Indian General

Q16. Who propensised blood both in Asia ?

(A) Nehru
(B) Winston Churchill
(C) Atlee
(D) None of these

(B) Winston Churchill

Q17. ………… and peasants were the people – Pearl S. Buck wanted to meet while in India.

(A) Intellectuals
(B) Women
(C) Industrialists
(D) Children

(A) Intellectuals

Bihar Board Question Paper 2024 for Intermediate Pdf Download

 1. Hindi 100 Marks ( हिंदी )
 2. English 100 Marks ( अंग्रेज़ी )
 3. PHYSICS ( भौतिक विज्ञान )
 4. CHEMISTRY ( रसायन विज्ञान )
 5. BIOLOGY ( जीवविज्ञान )
 6. MATHEMATICS ( गणित )
 7. GEOGRAPHY ( भूगोल )
 8. HISTORY ( इतिहास )
 9. ECONOMICS ( अर्थशास्त्र )
 10. HOME SCIENCE ( गृह विज्ञान )
 11. SANSKRIT ( संस्कृत )
 12. SOCIOLOGY ( समाज शास्‍त्र )
 13. POLITICAL SCIENCE ( राजनीति विज्ञान )
 14. PHILOSOPHY ( दर्शन शास्‍त्र )
15. PSYCHOLOGY ( मनोविज्ञान )