The Artist class 12th English Objective Question 2024 Bihar Board

Friends, if you are a student of class 12 (The Artist class 12th English) and this time you are going to give the exam of inter board examination, ( English 100 Marks ) then here in this post the important chapter of English bihar board class 12th english the artist objective question has been given friends. All these questions are asked again and again in the exam, so definitely watch from beginning to end.English 100 marks the artist objective, the artist class 12th English objective question PDF,

bihar board class 12th english the artist objective question

Q1. Seibei was passionately interested in ………

(Choose the correct option)

(A) toys
(B) gourds
(C) fruits
(D) music

(B) gourds

Q2. Shiga Naoya is a …… writer.

(A) Japanese
(B) Chinese
(C) Indian
(D) Bhutanese

(A) Japanese

Q3. Seibei reads at …… school.

(A) Primary
(B) High
(C) Middle
(D) +2 school

(A) Primary

Q4. The price of the five inches gourd is

(A) ten sen
(B) five sen
(C) nine sen
(D) eleven sen

(A) ten sen

class 12th Bihar board English objective question the artist

Q5. The porter sold the gourd of Seibei for …… yen.

(A) 40
(B) 50
(C) 60
(D) 10

(B) 50

Q6. The curio-dealer sold the gourd to a wealthy collector for …… yen.

(A) 500
(B) 600
(C) 1000
(D) 100

(B) 600

Q7. The Artist is …..

(A) an essay
(B) a poetry
(C) a short story
(D) a drama

(C) a short story

Q8. The Artist is written by ……

(A) Germaine Greer
(B) Shiga Naoya
(C) Anton P Chekhov
(D) HE Bates

(B) Shiga Naoya

Q9. Seibei was a … … Japanese boy.

(A) ten years old
(B) eleven years old
(C) tweleve years old
(D) thirteen years old

(C) tweleve years old

english ka objective question 2024 ka class 12th

Q10. Seibei was a twelve years … … boy.

(A) Indian
(B) Chinese
(C) Korean
(D) Japanese

(D) Japanese

Q11. What did Seibei apply to get rid of the upleasant gourd smell ?

(A) tea-leaves
(B) banana-leaves
(C) neem-leaves
(D) tulsi-leaves

(A) tea-leaves

Q12. Gourd is a ………..

(A) fruit
(B) vegetable
(C) grain
(D) sweets

(A) fruit

Q13. Who used to polish the gourd under his desk in classtime?

(A) Seibei
(B) Meibei
(C) Reibei
(D) Seibei’s friend

(A) Seibei

Q14. Who smashed Seibei’s gourds to pieces.

(A) His father
(B) His mother
(C) His sister.
(D) His brother

(A) His father

The Artist class 12th English objective question 2024 Bihar Board

Q15. Who was scolded for painting pictures ?

(A) Reibei
(B) Seibei
(C) Seibei’s sister
(D) Seibei’s brother

(B) Seibei

Q16. The old woman asked …………. son for the gourd.

(A) ten
(B) five
(C) fifteen
(D) 12 (twelve)

(A) ten

Bihar Board Question Paper 2024 for Intermediate Pdf Download

 1. Hindi 100 Marks ( हिंदी )
 2. English 100 Marks ( अंग्रेज़ी )
 3. PHYSICS ( भौतिक विज्ञान )
 4. CHEMISTRY ( रसायन विज्ञान )
 5. BIOLOGY ( जीवविज्ञान )
 6. MATHEMATICS ( गणित )
 7. GEOGRAPHY ( भूगोल )
 8. HISTORY ( इतिहास )
 9. ECONOMICS ( अर्थशास्त्र )
 10. HOME SCIENCE ( गृह विज्ञान )
 11. SANSKRIT ( संस्कृत )
 12. SOCIOLOGY ( समाज शास्‍त्र )
 13. POLITICAL SCIENCE ( राजनीति विज्ञान )
 14. PHILOSOPHY ( दर्शन शास्‍त्र )
15. PSYCHOLOGY ( मनोविज्ञान )