Bihar Board English Class 10th Objective Question Paper 2023 | English Model paper 2023

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Bihar Board:- दोस्तों अगर आप कक्षा दसवीं की तैयारी कर रहे हैं। तो यहां पर English का V.V.I Objective Question Paper नीचे दिया गया है। जिसे पढ़कर आप अपनी दसवीं क्लास में अच्छे नंबर से पास हो सकते हैं। यह बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण ऑब्जेक्टिव है इसलिए इसे जरूर देखें।

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Bihar Board English Objective & Subjective Question Answer 2023 ) Friends, if you are preparing for class X So here V.V.I Objective Question Paper of English is given below. Which you can pass with a good number in your tenth class. This is very important objective, so be sure to check it out. ( Bihar Board English Model Paper 2023 )

BSEB Class 10th Model Paper 2023 PDF Download

[ 1 ] In “The Pace for Living’ R. C. Hutchinson captures at the agony of ……

(A) ancient man
(B) modern man
(C) business man
(D) clever man

Answer ⇒ B

[ 2 ] Who has written “Me and The Ecology Bit ?

(A) Toni Morrison
(B) Leo Tolstoy
(C) Joan Lexaus
(D) Humayun Kabir

Answer ⇒ C

[ 3 ] Mahadevi Verma was a leading poetess of the Chayabadi School of poetry in …….

(A) Hindi
(B) Urdu
(C) English
(D) Maithili

Answer ⇒ A

[ 4 ] Gillu was put to eternal rest under th……..  creeper.

(A) Merigold
(B) Sunflower
(C) Rose
(D) Sonjuhi

Answer ⇒ D

[ 5 ] Which is the most potent and versatile art form ?

(A) cricket”
(B) cinema
(C) chess
(D) music

Answer ⇒ B

[ 6 ] When was the Acceptance Speech delivered ?

(A) 1992
(B) 1993
(C) 1991
(D) 1990

Answer ⇒ C

[ 7 ] The father of the old wise woman was a black ……. slave.

(A) American
(B) British
(C) Indian
(D) Chinese

Answer ⇒ A

[ 8 ] The ………. were regarded as the earliest invaders of india.

(A) Greek
(B) Bhutani
(D) Nepali

Answer ⇒ C

[ 9 ] Two little girls from different ………. happened to meet in a lane between two homesteads.

(A) houses
(B) temples
(C) church
(D) mosques

Answer ⇒ A

Matric Pariksha 2023 English model paper PDF download

[ 10 ] Akoulya and Malasha took off their ……. and stockings.

(A) handkerchiefs
(B) shoes
(C) hair bands
(D) bags

Answer ⇒ B

[ 11 ] In the poem “Ode on Solitude’, the poet draws a beautiful picture of a ………

(A) unhappy
(B) sad
(C) happy
(D) cruel

Answer ⇒ C

[ 12 ] When a polythene boy is …….., it makes a squeky noise.

(A) burnt
(B) touched
(C) buried
(D) heated

Answer ⇒ B

[ 13 ] A polythene bag is ……..for the environment.

(A) useful
(B) eco-friendly
(C) harmless
(D) harmful

Answer ⇒ D

[ 14 ] Vidyapati’s poem “Thinner Than a Crescent is about.

(A) Radha and Krishna
(B) Sita and Rama
(C) Parvati and Shiva
(D) Meera and Krishna

Answer ⇒ A

[ 15 ] Which tree had the power to grant wishes in the poem dan The Empty Heart .

(A) pipal
(B) banyan
(C) neem
(D) kalpaka

Answer ⇒ D

[ 16 ] The koel sings in the…..

(A) apple-leaves
(B) banana-leaves
(C) mango-leaves
(D) guava-leaves

Answer ⇒ C

[ 17 ] “The Porter enjoys a good and peaceful.

(A) sleep
(B) walk
(C) laugh
(D) journey

Answer ⇒ A

[ 18 ] Alexander Pope does not want anything to mark the place where be is verder

(A) hidden
(B) educated
(C) buried
(D) lost

Answer ⇒ C

[ 19 ] Lord Krishna had not met ……for sometime.

(A) Vidyapati
(B) Sudama
(C) Meera
(D) Radha

Answer ⇒ D

Bihar Board English Class 10th Model Paper Objective Question 2023

[ 20 ] The stories of Martha were full of ….

(A) hatred
(B) wonder
(C) fear
(D) tragedy

Answer ⇒ B

[ 21 ] “Love Defiled’ was published in 1996 in the … and media

(A) Times of India
(B) Hindustan Times
(C) Indian Express
(D) Telegraph

Answer ⇒ B

[ 22 ] In the lesson Two Horizons’ the mother feels so …. to learn about her daughter’s tiredness

(A) happy
(B) jolly
(C) unhappy
(D) gleeful

Answer ⇒ C

[ 23 ] In the story ‘Sun and Moon’, the children were not allowed to attend the …..

(A) guests
(B) class
(C) library
(D) party

Answer ⇒ D

[ 24 ] John Galsworthy’s father was one of the …… of Mr. Gessler.

(A) customers
(B) lawyers
(C) doctors
(D) friends

Answer ⇒ A

[ 25 ] Halku’s field was destroyed by ………

(A) oxen
(B) nilgais
(C) goats
(D) cows

Answer ⇒ B

[ 26 ] “The Pace for Living is written by

(A) Aung San Suu Kyi
(B) Toni Morrison
(C) R. C. Hutchinson
(D) Satyajit Ray

Answer ⇒ C

[ 27 ] In ‘The Pace for Living”, the writer captures the agony of ….. man

(A) modern
(B) ancient
(C) future
(D) uncivilized

Answer ⇒ A

Bihar board class 10th English model paper 2023 PDF download in Hindi

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