The Pace For Living Objective Question Answer 2023 | Class 10 English objective question answer 2023

[ Class 10th English Objective & Subjective Question Answer 2023 ] Here is the V.V.I objective question answer of Class 10 English first chapter The Pace for Living V.V.I objective question answer If you are preparing for matriculation examination 2023 this time and have not yet read the objective question of the pace for living objective Question Class 10th The link is given below which you can read in English by clicking

The pace for living Objective Question Answer 2023

Q1. People now-a-days think ……………… than ancient times.

(A) deeper
(B) faster
(C) longer
(D) slower

Answer :-(B) faster

Q2. R. C. Hutchinson wrote that he watched a play in

(A) Chicago
(B) Dublin
(C) Netherlands
(D) New York

Answer :-(B) Dublin

Q3.The author finds himself in a hopeless situation when he goes to watch the

(A) cinema
(B) theatre
(C) dance programme
(D) singing competition

Answer :-(A) cinema

Q4. Mental activities of our time tend to folloow the pace of

(A) computers
(B) aeroplanes
(C) horses
(D) machines

Answer :-(D) machines

Q5. In “The Pace for Living’, the author discusses.

(A) the agony of modern man
(B) the miseries of ancient people
(C) the dilemma of people
(D) the problems of old age

Answer :-(A) the agony of modern man

Q6. In “The Pace for Living’, the writer captures the agony of …… man.

(A) Modern
(B) Ancient
(C) Future
(D) Uncivilized

Answer :-(A) Modern

Q7. How does the writer classify himself as a thinker in “The Pace for Living?

(A) A slow thinker
(B) An intelligent thinker
(C) A social thinker
(D) None of these

Answer :-(A) A slow thinker

Q8. Where did the writer of “The Pace for Living’ watch the play ?

(A) Dubai
(B) Dublin
(C) Delhi
(D) London

Answer :-(B) Dublin

Q9. The writer of ‘the pace for living belongs to the tribe of….

(A) Average thinkers
(B) Slow thinkers
(C) Fast thinkers
(D) Good thinkers

Answer :-(B) Slow thinkers

Class 10 the pace for living objective question answer 2023

Q10. In “The Pace for Living,’R.C. Hutchinson discusses

(A) The happiness of men
(B) The agony of modern man
(C) The dilemma of people
(D) None of these

Answer :-(B) The agony of modern man

Q11. The author of the story “The Pace for Living’ enjoyed going in a car at….

(A) Ninety miles an hour
(B) Eighty miles an hour
(C) Sixty miles an hour
(D) Seventy miles an hour

Answer :-(A) Ninety miles an hour

Q12. In the essay “The Pace for Living’ the Corn merchant is

(A) An ambitious man
(B) An adventurous man
(C) An anxious man
(D) None of these

Answer :-(C) An anxious man

Q13. The Pace for Living’ is written by ……

(A) Mahadevi Verma
(B) Satyajit Ray
(C) Humayun Kabir
(D) R. C. Hutchinson

Answer :-(D) R. C. Hutchinson

Q14. The author admits that Quick travel does not give the traveller the real…………….. of travel.

(A) Pains
(B) Pleasure
(C) Dreams
(D) Knowledge

Answer :-(B) Pleasure

Q15. The main character in the play which the author saw was a/an ……………… corn-merchant.

(A) Elderly
(B) Handicapped
(C) Young
(D) Diabetic

Answer :-(A) Elderly

Q16. Weak-hearted’ means same as

(A) Quicky
(B) Freaky
(C) Dicky
(D) Despair

Answer :-(C) Dicky

Q17. Which word in the passage stands for worship?

(A) Adore
(B) Esprit
(C) Despair
(D) Escapiert

Answer :-(A) Adore

Q18. How many girls were in film ?

(A) Two
(B) Three
(C) Four
(D) Five

Answer :-(B) Three

Q19. Slow thinkers have a disadvantage when it comes to earning ….

(A) Car
(B) Factory
(C) Living
(D) Holiday

Answer :-(C) Living

English class 10 the pace for living objective question answer

Q20. The elderly corn-merchant was a man of …..

(A) Wealth
(B) Anxieties
(C) Property
(D) Dický

Answer :-(B) Anxieties

Q21. The man’s complaint was so gloriously irrelevant to his

(A) Own character
(B) Own mind
(C) Own situation
(D) Own country

Answer :-(C) Own situation

Q22. The speaker adores the machines that hurl one about at

(A) Dublin
(B) Rapid movement
(C) New York
(D) Battersea

Answer :-(D) Battersea

Q23. The Irish get a subtle truth by the most unlikely ……

(A) Approaches
(B) Reproaches
(C) Illustration
(D) Comic

Answer :-(A) Approaches

Q24. All the tests, today’are designed to measure ……..,

(A) The speed of a bus
(B) The speed of a train
(C) The speed of mind
(D) None of these

Answer :-(C) The speed of mind

Q25. The agony of modern man is captured by:

(A) R. C. Hutchinson
(B) Joan Lexau
(C) Dublin
(D) The Corn-merchant

Answer :-(C) Dublin

Q26. Who was cheating the corn-merchant ?

(A) His Son
(B) His Nephew
(C) His Daughter
(D) His Wife

Answer :-(B) His Nephew

Q27. Who saw a play in Dublin not long ago ?

(A) A corn-merchant
(B) A farmer
(C) R. C. Hutchinson
(D) None of these

Answer :-(C) R. C. Hutchinson

Q28. He is going to fall in love with girls ……in that Order.

(A) A,B,C
(B) B, A, C
(C) C,B,A
(D) B, C, A

Answer :-(D) B, C, A

Q29.The chief character of the play was

(A) Dublin
(B) An elderly Corn-merchant
(C) An old woman
(D) Narrator

Answer :-(B) An elderly Corn-merchant

the pace for living ka question answer 2023

Q30. Illustration means same as

(A) Painting
(B) Drawing
(C) Example
(D) Fanciful

Answer :-(C) Example

Q31. R. C. Hutchinson was ……

(A) American Novelist
(B) British Novelist
(C) French Novelist
(D) Italian Novelist

Answer :-(A) American Novelist

Q32. When the narrator goes to cinema, he finds himself in

(A) A peculiar seat
(B) Great trouble
(C) A hopeless fog
(D) A cheerful mood

Answer :-(C) A hopeless fog

Q33. The correct meaning of anxieties’ is

(A) Happiness
(B) Worries
(C) Anger
(D) Sadness

Answer :-(B) Worries

Q34. The synonym of ‘prejudice is

(A) Handicapped
(B) Business
(C) Bias
(D) Love

Answer :-(C) Bias

Q35. Which of the following words is an adjective ?

(A) Mentally
(B) Mentality
(C) Mind
(D) Mental

Answer :-(D) Mental

Q36. Who did like fast travelling?

(A) The Corn-merchant
(B) The wife of Corn-merchant
(C) The Author
(D) None of these

Answer :-(C) The Author

Q37. The antonym of rapid’ is

(A) Fast
(B) Slow
(C) Hurl
(D) Superficial

Answer :-(B) Slow

Q38. Who didn’t dislike the rapid movement of life?

(A) Corn-merchant
(B) Nephew of Corn-merchant
(C) The Author
(D) Wife of Corn-merchant

Answer :-(C) The Author

Q39. The elderly Corn-merchant lived in

(A) Dublin
(B) A small Irish country town
(C) England
(D) A big Irish country town

Answer :-(B) A small Irish country town

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Q40. Slow thinkers are terribly …….in the business of get ting a living.

(A) Capped
(B) Handicapped
(C) Disabled
(D) Tortured

Answer :-(B) Handicapped

Q41. Where the author saw a play in which a corn-merchant was the chief character ?

(A) Budapest
(B) Milan
(C) Dublin
(D) Conteburry

Answer :-(C) Dublin

Q42. To dine in London and lunch in New York next day seems to the narrator

(A) Too fast
(B) A superficial sense of drama
(C) Too slow
(D) A most satisfactory experience

Answer :-(D) A most satisfactory experience

Q43. Who was a man of many anxieties and had a dicky heart?

(A) Corn-merchant
(B) R.C. Hutchinson
(C) The nephew of the Corn-merchant
(D) The wife of the Corn-merchant

Answer :-(A) Corn-merchant

Q44. Who was a man of many anxieties?

(A) The narrator himself
(B) The elderly corn-merchant
(C) The Corn-merchant’s nephew
(D) The Corn-merchant’s wife

Answer :-(B) The elderly corn-merchant

Q45. Who had the fantastic notion of spending £10 on a holiday?

(A) Son of Corn-merchant
(B) Daughter of Corn-merchant
(C) Father of Corn-merchant
(D) Wife of Corn-merchant

Answer :-(D) Wife of Corn-merchant

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